About the Torbay Civic Society

Being a member of a Civic Society means supporting a group that wants the place where you live to be a nice environment with plenty of public open spaces where you can walk and children can play and where heritage plays its part.

Membership is open to everyone irrespective of age, gender, race, disability or religion and the Civic Society movement throughout the United Kingdom encourages everyone to both enjoy and look after the place they have chosen to live through the protection and development of their area.

Torbay Civic Society was founded in 1976 and today it not only endorses the mission of heritage and conservation but also arranges a wide number of social activities that bring members together from time to time. These include the rather special monthly “Coffee Morning with a Difference” event and coach outings, lectures, walks afternoon teas and an annual dinner and other forms of activity more often than not held during the day. Some, as in the case of our “Mystery” Guest events, dinners and party nights are held in the evening. All our social events are informal and friendly and are usually well attended making it easy to meet and make new friends and renew old friendships.

At the committee level we monitor all local planning applications and publicly comment on the economic growth and development of Torbay in accordance with the objectives set out in our Mission Statement.

Should you wish to consider becoming a member you are welcome to attend any of our events before joining us as a subscribing member. Our annual fee is nominal.

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